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One of the funniest people I have the pleasure of working with at my new job is Becky Mann who, along with her very funny writing partner Audra Sielaff, has written for such shows as Modern Family, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Raising Hope. Since most of our days as TV writers are spent using our brains, it’s often nice to find busy work for our hands. Some of us color, others doodle, but Becky–as you’re about to see–started taking portraits of her thumb in various guises. Her Instagram account, which you should all follow right away @pamsueinc, features thumb pics that have grown more and more epic. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where, for many of us, the highlight of our day is seeing Becky’s latest thumb masterpiece. Below you’ll find some of her best work, along with the captions she wrote for each picture.

“Today my thumb is French and ambivalent. Tomorrow, who can say?” (This was how it all started.)


“Today my thumb is an irritated Mormon.”


“Today my thumb is lost in thought at the day spa.”


“Today my thumb is a startled Polynesian.”


“Today my thumb is happy to start a relaxing weekend early in the pool.”


“Today my thumb is upset that it forgot to apply sunscreen on Friday.”


“Today my thumb is enjoying a hot air balloon ride through wine country.”


“Today my thumb is getting her groove back on a tropical vacation.”


“Today my thumb considers her vacation a success.”


“Today my thumb is back at work, but having trouble focusing after Jamaica.”


Thanks, Becky, for letting me share these. Everyone else: follow @pamsueinc right away if you know what’s good for you!

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